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Weird Brothers Coffee is located in Herdon, Virginia with a roastery and a mobile coffee food truck on the Dulles Corridor. Team Republic has become a fan of their company because the business is veteran owned and has a mutual love for all things nerdy, not to mention their excellent coffee.

During our visit to the cafe we tried their iced coffee and their nitro cold brew, which is made on site. Their iced coffee had notes of hazelnuts (shout out to nutella lovers!) and the nitro cold brew was smooth like velvet.

Often, society drinks more half and half or cream than coffee to masks its taste or covers the burnt taste of grounds because they want a caffeine burst to get through their day. Remso and I cherish coffee like a fine wine (or just quality coffee) and enjoy the variety of different blends they have to offer . In anticipation we tried the iced coffee and it made the atmosphere joyful.

Check out their menu and website today!


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