Show Producer Ryan and I are proud to announce our first full length documentary, “Haunted Republic: St. Albans Sanatorium.” While we are a political show by nature, we want to have fun and explore all aspects of pop culture and entertainment in order to give our audience the best content available. Additionally, by conducting paranormal investigations this forces us to confront the topics of religion, science, and journalism in the process.

Secondly, by telling the story of the inhumane treatment of patients at St. Albans Sanatorium, we wish to expose the sinister nature of the progressive mental health movement and unethical experimentation done in the name of science.

The full documentary, along with Facebook live streams, will air as free content for anyone that wants to view it online. For our Patreon rewards programs, we will have some special content exclusively for you which include:

– Your name being included in the end credits.

-Special behind the scenes videos.

-Exclusive interviews and clips not seen in the documentary.

-Individual EVP audio files gathered.

You can join our Patreon rewards program for as little as $1 a month today to access exclusive Haunted Republic content as well as other rewards courtesy of the Team Republic. “Haunted Republic: St. Albans” is set to air July 2017.

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