The government cannot legislate morality and a political party cannot “Make America Great Again” or deliver “Hope and Change”.

Every time I make that statement it stings.

It brings me back to a time when I was a stubborn, and hopeful, idiot who was being played by the system that I mercifully defended. I had grown up in a politically active home, knew well enough of the corruption to register Independent, went on earn a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, yet somehow in 2007 I fell under the spell of a young Democratic Senator from Chicago offering “hope and change”.

I didn’t always campaign for Democrats. I had also worked on the campaigns of Republicans at the State and Local levels. I always worked for the candidate, not a party. In 2007 I was so disgusted with the continued unconstitutional wars which I blamed on the GOP, that I wanted them OUT! I already knew enough about Hillary Clinton to adamantly be against her candidacy, and with a charismatic political newbie like Barack Obama, I was sure that if we could get him to win the primary, he would win the presidency. I was right….and for a few months I had no clue how wrong I also was.

I’ll never forget the State of the Union address in February of 2009. It’s stored away in my memory bank along with the other times I was betrayed, embarrassed, ashamed and full of guilt. I watched President Obama, deliver that speech and felt like I was being kicked in the stomach. This was not the “change” I had just fought for. I was instantly overcome with apathy. What now?

During the 2008 presidential campaign there were people with similar principles as my own, who were relentlessly trying to convince me that I wasn’t seeing the whole picture, that if I would gain some perspective, I would be campaigning for Republican candidate, Ron Paul. “Google Ron Paul”, they’d always say. I didn’t listen until that January, and when I did, I experienced Round 2 of being kicked in the gut.


We have all been proven wrong or put our foot in our mouth at some point, and it sucks…always. Being THIS wrong on such a public scale undoubtedly sucked worse than anything I had experienced before.

I read, watched, and listened to everything I could find about Ron Paul, almost hoping to find a redeeming point for my argument regarding why I hadn’t campaigned for him in 2008. Of course I found nothing. I felt even worse. Not only had I championed for someone who I now knew was not going to deliver, but I did so against the one man who actually would.

My blindfold had been lifted. Now more than ever I felt compelled to speak out about the integrity of our government that they keep intentionally and creatively hidden from the masses. Truth is indeed treason in the empire of lies.

The day I took to social media to proclaim myself as the newest “Paulbot” was humbling to say the least. It followed with a ton of backlash from people I had worked closely with on multiple campaigns in the past and the common conclusion among those who had yet to be woke, was that I had just “lost it”.

Having been a student of Political Science I examined how I had been misled. Of course, the media played a huge role. I blamed them first.  I blamed the public education I was indoctrinated by my entire academic career. How did I graduate from a respected University with a degree in political science and still not have known the Federal Reserve was actually a PRIVATE central bank that was not being publicly audited??

Of course I went on to campaign for Ron Paul in 2012. Watching the lengths that the Republican National Committee went to, to ensure Ron Paul would not be the party’s nominee was appalling. I had never been more proud to not be affiliated with either of the major parties. It then became clear to me that we are not fighting to protect our government from being taken over by tyrants, rather the tyrants are already there masquerading as well-intentioned public servants.

It’s NOT Republican vs. Democrat. It’s NOT Red vs. Blue. It’s NOT Conservative vs. Liberal. This is how the status quo keeps “we the people” divided and themselves in power. It’s Libertarian vs. Authoritarianism.

While I consider myself largely non-partisan, I went on to register as a Libertarian and served as Chairman of my state Libertarian Party. Not because I think the Libertarian Party (or any third party for that matter) currently has a shot in hell at competing against the Establishment. Certainly not for lack of effort and organization, but rather due to being considerably underfunded. See, they (the establishment currently in power) have written then rules to make sure they will always out-fund minor parties and have secured ballot access in every state and territory. WE allowed them to legislate away the opportunity for competing parties just like we allowed them to legislate away the opportunity for competition against ALL of THEIR interests.

Despite those efforts the Libertarian Party has survived and thrived since it’s foundation in 1971, not as an electoral powerhouse, but as a vehicle to educate the masses, because teaching people about libertarianism is the key that can open our shackles, and the Libertarian Party platform aligns most with that philosophy.

Being a libertarian is more than a political identity. Being a libertarian is common sense. It’s the realization that we don’t need the government to protect us from ourselves and that forced charity will never be superior to voluntary charity. It’s not about isolationism, or pacifism, it’s about community and non-aggression (which does not preclude violent self-defense). It’s believing in treating others the way you wish to be treated. It’s what most of us truly are when we stop and think for ourselves.

So do it. Seek the truth instead of having a skewed version of it shoved down your throat by mass media. Don’t blindly support ANY candidate or ANY legislation or ANY party.

The government cannot legislate morality and a political party cannot “Make America Great Again” or deliver “Hope and Change”. That responsibility belongs to us as individuals and we must accept that responsibility if we truly want to live free.


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