Yesterday, the House passed a major piece of legislation. Kate’s Law (H.R. 3004), specifically, took some heat from House Democrats during debate, stating a whole slew of party-line concerns. Chairman Goodlatte, of the House Judiciary Committee, who authored the legislation, established a base of attack using knowledge of the current law, the legislation, and strong conservative allies like Congressman Steve King of Iowa as large advocates for the bill.

The legislation is simple: it deepens the punishment for convicted illegal aliens if they try to come back into the United States after being deported.

Here is the line drawn so clearly by Democrats: there were 167 elected officials to the United States Congress who voted in favor of ILLEGAL, convicted, aliens of the United States of America instead of protecting Americans.

This is the modern Left. This is why the fight for conservatism is the fight for America as we know it.


Ne libertatem Orbis

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