Sometimes people just need to take some free advice so they can go onward and be awesome, so here is some for the newbies (and sadly some longtime folks).

5. Google Hangouts are not the same as podcasts

The definition of Podcast is “a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.” A Google Hangout is a Google Hangout and a podcast is a podcast, mixing the two up makes you look dumb. Call your Google Hangout a video series or webcast or whatever, but don’t call it a podcast unless you are going to rip those audio files and make a podcast out of your video.

4. If you don’t promote your show, expect little to no downloads

“OMG no one is listening to my show, its so good and I spent so much time working on it, why is no one listening?” I hear this all the time, all I can say is it’s your problem. If people don’t know they won’t listen. Sometimes you need to invest some money in promotion,  share it around social media etc.

3. Buy your website domain

People are extremely judgmental, and in the world of entertainment and media (any really) they expect a certain degree of professionalism. The only people that don’t buy their domain are amateurs and teenagers.

2. Know your equipment and software’s limit

Does your room have an echo? Too much  feedback on your microphone? Does Skype audio and Garageband sound different? Little details stack up and the audience doesn’t like poor quality anything.

1. Take advantage of the free stuff

If you don’t use Twitter and Facebook to promote your show, than that is half your problem. When you are starting a project from scratch, people won’t come to you, you have to come to them.


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