For the past month, I have been fermenting Kombucha. Yes, I’m going to be yet another hippie telling you to drink the magic tea. According to Slate, in 2009 Kombucha was claimed to be the most Liberal product is indeed Kombucha. Well, I am here to tell you that liberals can step aside because now Kombucha is the most Libertarian product. Why? Because of the regulation crisis in 2012, which Forbes Magazine covered. Kombucha has also been personally attacked for it’s freedom just like you and me.

How is Kombucha made? It may look disgusting, but kombucha is made with what we call a scoby. Scoby looks like a beige rubber pancake which is made up of bacteria and yeast, which is placed in your choice of starter tea. (I use green tea!) This fermentation process is done in a span of seven to ten days to taste like either champagne or vinegar. (I prefer champagne because who wants to drink vinegar?)

The History of Kombucha is thought to have began in the Tsin Dynasty and referred to as the “Elixir of Life” and went onto the hippies of the 70’s until today.

I have to be honest- I think Remso hates it when I ask him to drink Kombucha- I really do. I think I’ll let him stick to Kimchi though, it is just as beneficial. Plus, more bucha for me!

Fight the power y’all.

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