Everyone loves extra guac, but not a lot of people are willing to pay for the extra guac.

Remso and I spent the last week in Arizona, and that was exactly on the boarder of Mexico and Arizona, which exposed us to a lot of opportunities to eat real Mexican food.

For the past week, I have absolutely craved guac and chips, to which I have yet to fulfill that desire. Furthermore, I have been meditating on the desire to eat guac to the extent that I have researched the benefits of avocados. I am here to tell you that I want guac, so you will crave guac too, and we can all have a fiesta at Chipolte because we aren’t lucky enough to have taco trucks on every corner. (Thanks Trump!)

California Avocado Company has at least twenty miles of avocado farms, and I encourage you to take a ride out there to see avocados cultivated. Not only is avocado farming amazing to watch, but they also have an article for you to check out here.



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