If you weren’t a regular listener to Season 1 of the Remso Republic Podcast, not surprising….I wasn’t either.

There are hundreds of political podcasts to listen to at any given hour. I’m the real deal when it comes to what society would label “political junkie” and even I don’t habitually go “channel surfing” for podcasts to discover. Usually, podcasts are recommended to me. I listen once, and 75% of the time I never listen again. Not always because the show wasn’t good….but usually, it was because the show just wasn’t good.

Someone had sent me a link to listen to a Remso Republic episode during it’s premier season. It was good. The production was impressive, the subject matter was relevant, and Remso W. Martinez conducted himself like a seasoned journalist asking the right questions at the right time. “Awesome!”, I thought! Then I didn’t listen again until season 2. The world of attention grabbing everything is brutal….what can I say?

Season 2 of the Remso Republic podcast was beyond impressive. Especially considering the usual longevity of most podcasts that don’t go past a few episodes. I think I was mostly impressed they were back and better! Everything I enjoyed about the very first episode I heard, was turned up a few notches for season 2. If you missed it….of course you can always go back to listen to the episodes here.

Now a brand new season of the Remso Republic Podcast is about to begin! Even the skeptical must admit, they must be doing something right to be back for another season. Season 3 returns with the purpose of making freedom fun again. Remso W. Martinez promises guests from a wide range of professions and backgrounds, because freedom is for everyone, and it takes nearly everyone to make it work. How do we make freedom fun again? That’s where listening to season 3 comes in, and EVERYONE should listen! Well….mostly everyone, alt-right and Antifa folks need not apply as they say.

Just incase, you still aren’t sure if you should tune in for season 3 of Remso Republic, I’ve made an easy to follow check list below.

People Who Should Listen to Season 3

  • People who like liberty and freedom.
  • People who like fun.
  • People who like making freedom fun again
  • Anyone who has ever been trapped in traffic or needs audio distraction at the gym

Yes, it really is that simple. If any of the preceding apply to you, tune in to the Remso Republic Podcast on July 5th, and join Remso W. Martinez and his guests, as they inspire us all to work together to “Make Freedom Fun Again”!



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