For the past few months, I have replaced my coffee intake with Matcha because it is extremely beneficial for the body. Other than our adventure to a coffee shop last month, I have fully replaced coffee.

For those of you who know Team Republic, during finals week we are reliant on coffee to save our grades. Matcha benefits include being high in antioxidants, enhances calm, boosts memory and concentration and many more.  One of the main reasons that I have relied on matcha is not only that the caffeine intake is great, (According to Caffeine Informer, matcha is moderate in caffeine) Matcha detoxifies the body!

Lately, sources like Buzzfeed Asia have been posting multiple videos of matcha deserts with white chocolate. A few weeks ago Remso and I had the opportunity to taste a matcha cheesecake and it may have been one of the most decadent things we have ever tasted together.  If you are one to be weary of all things tea, food, delicious, let me say one thing: if you don’t try something once, you aren’t fully living life. Go out, order a matcha kit, or find a local coffee shop and beg them to make matcha on their menu. Heck, they even make Matcha Kit Kats and Pocky.

Long story short, this may be a fad but it’s a fad we are going to stick with.

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