If this actually shocked you than that would be a major surprise. The announcement came before Petersen’s public announcement scheduled on Independence day at his family farm.

“Since President Donald Trump’s unexpected victory last November and Republicans’ triumphant return to congressional majority, Washington has returned to business as usual. After running on repeated promises of minimizing government and ending federal micromanagement of American lives, Republicans have shown themselves unable to pass any substantive reforms.

Missourians deserve better than this. They deserve a government that faithfully represents them, not one that favors lobbyists and special interests. They deserve a government that pushes for real reform, not one that accepts milquetoast, watered-down solutions. Above all, they deserve a government that trusts them to manage their own health care, their own religion, their own finances and their own lives.

This is why I’m running to represent Missouri in the United States Senate. I want to give Missourians — and indeed all Americans — the kind of government that is worthy of them. Although I ran for president in 2016 as a Libertarian, I intend to make this run for the Senate as a Republican.”

You can read the rest here.

Now to see all the hipster libertarians who jumped into the Libertarian Party now jump back to the GOP…


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