Seattle Libertarian Radio Show Hosts Release Political Space Opera Comic Book!
Federal Way WA, 98003.

Johnny “Rocket” Adams and Heather Nixon (from the Johnny Rocket Launch Pad, NWCZ Radio, and have recently released the newest shift in culture with the Liberty Force comic book! It’s an introduction to libertarianism without being too in your face. “We wanted to make a comic that highlights the fundamentals of libertarianism without being too pushy” says Johnny. “It’s completely making our case, but the reader and the main characters are learning about it at the same time. It’s supposed to make the reader aware of liberty, and the atrocities the state has been making over the years.”

The story is set in space with a fictional entity called “The State”. The characters in the story start off as the ignorant bad guys and realize through a short history lesson, that the acts of their government are immoral. So the characters eventually embrace The Liberty Force, and turn against the very entity they swore to protect. It has action, drama, and of course humor that will send you on a story of what freedom and liberty are really about. For more information check out, and make sure you pick up your copy!

Johnny “Rocket” Adams, Liberty Force Comic, 253-625-3854,


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