Barack Obama was absolutely right, “elections have consequences.”

I stopped writing endorsement letters a short while ago, there is something about jumping on a bandwagon of sorts that ultimately leads to disappointment somewhere down the road. Far too often we turn mere men into giants and expect them to slay dragons. In the world of power politics, the giants and the dragons seem to be the same thing- monsters.

I do however believe when there is a chance to do something that can make a difference, free men have the obligation to do so. Next week Larry Sharpe is going to announce his run for Governor of New York. If you’re a Republican in New York, you have to begin to ask if you want to actually rein in the massive state control of individual freedom or if you want another tax and spend Republican who ignores the GOP legacy of Reagan and Coolidge. Option C is the same progressive leviathan Democrat you’ve been dealing with for years. If you’re a Libertarian, now is the time to engage in the one race in the United States that has the heart, brains, and commitment to actually win.



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