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VP Pence Supports Cruz-Lee Healthcare Amendment

Recently on the Rush Limbaugh show, Vice President Mike Pence threw his support for the Cruz-Lee Healthcare bill that could not only pass the current Obamacare repeal and replacement bill in the senate, but also bring in a win for the conservative wing of the Republican Party.

According to Senator Cruz’s website:

“There’s a broad range of other regulations that the House allowed to be waived; that frankly Senator Cruz has developed some very creative proposals. Including freedom policies, which would say to a state, ‘Look, if you offer an insurance plan that meets what remains of the federal regulations, then you can also offer – to Americans – to be able to buy a health insurance product that doesn’t meet those same criteria.’ You know, Rush, that’s what freedom looks like, isn’t it? I mean, come on! We’re talking about people being able to go to a marketplace and to say, ‘Look, if I want all the benefits that are listed here, some of which are certified by the state or even the federal government, I’ll pay for that. If I don’t want all of those benefits, I ought to be able to buy that as well.’ That’s ultimately a free market principle

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