There is only one candidate for office I’ll be endorsing this cycle, and it is Morgan Zegers, Republican candidate for New Yorks 113th Assembly district. It’s vital that the nation begin to turn blue states into red states by promoting the message of individual liberty, economic freedom, and limited government by promoting a pro-you message.

That pro-you message Zegers promotes states that the best person to run your life is you, and that a government that thinks it can dictate your life cradle to grave is a government that no longer is bound by the constraints of Republican virtue. Zegers represents the future generation of the Freedom movement stepping up to take on the challenges of today, and I hope you can support her financially and in any way you can this upcoming election. So often we look at the general election and other federal races yet forget that some impacts come from inside the states that set the trend of the rest of the nation to follow.

Donate today and learn more about Morgan at her website.


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