I started writing in 2014 and began my journey into the world of alternative media immediately. Before “Fake News” was a term, we were still facing faceless elites controlling the narrative and feckless reporters manipulating the facts. Now we know that CNN, PBS, MSNBC, and the like are absolute fake news outlets that would rather focus on why Trump had two scoops of ice cream instead of what really matters

Today is the official launch of our new affiliate partnership with the Halsey News Network. According to the official site:

Halsey Media is a new voice in independent media, comprised of investigative reporting by accredited journalists, radio and video broadcasts, and political commentary. Halsey Media also has 7 additional affiliates who share content as part of the network. With the rise of corporate and fake news, Halsey Media strives to maintain fierce independence and ethical standards in a world that appreciates truth more each day.

If you’ve seen any of my work at Halsey News, you know this site is focusing on actual reporting and upfront, honest commentary that doesn’t masquerade as objective, even going as far as to letting you know what is Left and what is Right so you can come to your own conclusions.

As an affiliate, my goal is to connect, engage, and empower my peers at the Halsey News Network as we engage the culture and promote the message of free minds and true, independent journalism.

If this is to happen though, we need money, lots of it. That is the bare naked truth, this is costly and it requires your help. The goal on my end is to transfer to a subscription based model as seen on my Patreon program instead of our current advertising model. You’ve seen what we’ve been able to do thus far; our Monday live with Tim Preuss, the op-eds I’ve published at Halsey News, the hard hitting and hilarious interviews with Halsey journalists such as Stefanie MacWilliams, and our expansion to the new punk rock/political online radio network Deplorable Radio.

Apart from that, added revenue will help the Remso Republic writers team and production crew, the podcasts, the live show, and so much more so we can keep bringing you as much free, quality content as possible while still putting gas in our cars and food on the table. We do this as an act of love, but love doesn’t pay the bills. We have so much more ahead, but that requires a lot of work in the process, so please take the time to learn more and join our efforts to combat fake news today.



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