I received an email from my congressman Rob Wittman, who has been my congressman since 2007 when JoAnn Davis died. He has been running on reducing taxes in every election since then. In 2010 Wittman stated “We must reduce taxes across the board. The simple truth is this – higher taxes do not get anyone hired.” He has ran on abolishing the income tax in favor of the Fair Tax, but has not voted on this since 2009.

Today, I received an email with his five points, these are listed below:

  1. Simplifying the code and tax filing practices are key
  2. Reducing the number of tax brackets from 7 to 3
  3. Making the U.S. attractive to businesses again by implementing a lower tax rate for all businesses from sole proprietorships to corporations
  4. Keeping provisions such as the mortgage interest deduction and charitable donation deduction so that Americans are encouraged to buy homes and give back to those in need.
  5. Including a onetime repatriation tax for businesses so they bring more of their profits back to the U.S. That money can then be reinvested in our economy or used to fund an infrastructure plan that will rebuild our bridges, roads, railways, and waterways.

In these points does he discuss tax cuts, or the fair tax? Hell, in fact he only wants to repatriate American money from overseas, so they can steal it to spend on infrastructure. What his points are missing and why I think he may lose his seat this year, is the lack of tax cuts at all. He does not address reducing the personnel income tax. I can not believe that we now have a single party system, which is what the republicans said they needed to cut taxes and reduce government and nothing is changing.

Republicans are being exposed for what the party has become, the tax and spend, regressive party that uses an elephant as its symbol instead of a donkey. I do not need a silent partner in my life that takes about 40% of everything I make. Just so it can spy on me, lock people up for smoking a plant, or selling good and services, that are deemed bad for you. I have met Mr. Wittman a few times, he is a nice man and I like him as a person, but he does not understand that most Americans feel the government takes to much, regulates to much, outlaws to much, interferes to much, incarcerates to many, then maybe it is time for him to go.

Mark Twain said “Politicians and diapers, need to be changed often and for the same reason.” I think it is time for a Libertarian or at least a Free Market Republican challenger. Maybe then he will see the light and start pushing for a drastic income tax reduction, and a Constitutional Amendment against property tax. I was taxed before I bought it, I was taxed when I bought it, I should not have to rent it from the government for the rest of my life. Please do not think that his democratic challengers are any better, since none of them are calling for reducing taxes, in fact most of them want to raise them.

All in all, he needs to be held accountable in the primary to ensure the general isn’t a big tax guy vs another big tax guy.


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