“Bernie Sanders is Ron Paul”… was not the shocking statement that struck a core with listeners during his first FreedomFest panel discussion on the future of liberty in the United States with TPUSA’s founder Charlie Kirk and several other gentlemen.

When discussing the right way to target millennials, Sarwark first brought up the valid point that “political change will come outside the two main political parties.” Very true- Andrew Brietbart was accurate in saying “politics flows downstream of culture.” This sentiment has been growing for decades as more and more Americans identify as Independents or “non-affiliated” which has caused a massive blow to the Republican and Democrat establishments. That still however was not the most shocking statement however.

In the middle of Sawark’s main comments he stated:

“Bernie Sanders is Ron Paul… an old guy who seemed genuine was able to bring in massive amounts of young people who don’t trust government, they trusted the person because they wanted someone authentic… listen to young people, understand they care about each other… they don’t want free healthcare, they want to take care of each other in a way that makes sense… they don’t want free college, they want to go to college, they don’t want government involved in their lives, they just want a future…”

Finally, somebody gets it and I’m just shocked so many older attendees had heard that for the first time.

Good job Nick.


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