Whoever said the two reliable things in life were “death and taxes” obviously forgot the third- elections (at least for Americans, can’t say the same about North Korea)…

While attending FreedomFest 2017 in Las Vegas, there was a lot of buzz regarding one specific election however, the US Senate race in Missouri, particularly Austin Petersen. Petersen (who didn’t attend the event) was the preferred Republican to go up against Democrat-incumbent Claire McCaskill among those I spoke too, with Missouri State Representative Paul Curtman also receiving a large degree of praise from libertarians and conservatives alike.

When discussing the race with a gentleman standing at the Republican Liberty Caucus booth in the exhibit hall, he brought to my attention that the day Petersen announced his run for US Senate, he became a dues paying member of the RLC. It makes sense, the RLC is home to many liberty-Republicans such as Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and Justin Amash just to name a few. Petersen however shares some striking similarities to the RLC founder(s) that peeked my interest when it was brought up…


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