The feature length documentary “Haunted Republic: St. Albans Sanatorium” (a free, publicly available spin-off film of the Haunted Republic exclusive series on Patreon) has recently wrapped up production and is ready to premier on the Remso Republic YouTube channel on August 5th at 8pm EST.

Produced by Remso and Ryan Martinez, in association with the Halsey News Network and Preuss Media, LLC- this documentary investigates the strange reports of paranormal activity of the St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford, Va, along with discussing the horrid history of the progressive mental health movement.

Remso W. Martinez, political commentator, investigative journalist, and paranormal skeptic, and his brother Ryan Martinez, paranormal investigator and producer of the Remso Republic podcast, were joined Black Sky Paranormal co-founder Russ Bailey and several members of Ghost Hunts USA and others as they investigated and attempted to debunk the claims of paranormal activity inside the former sanatorium and boys school.

“This is the most paranormal activity I’ve ever encountered” said Bailey. “I walked in a skeptic and walked out with more questions than answers, but now I know for certain there is an existence beyond death” according to Remso.

Special interviews and behind the scenes features can be found by joining the Remso Republic Patreon rewards program for $1 a month.

If you’d like to discuss the film on your blog or show with Remso, please contact producer Ryan Martinez at


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