Today, I learned that “they” is the preferred pronoun of transgender people.  This is so they do not get labeled as male or female.  It caused some confusion for me, when my daughter said, “They are going to leave soon” in reference to her friend, and I said “who else is here”, since they has always meant more than one to me.  I am not going to bash transpeople, or talk about how we should not be changing the language, to fit a very small minority of people.  That, is a stupid argument all languages are living and will change over time.  What, I am going to talk about is that in my all my time on this earth, before this year, I have only met three transgender people, and now almost every Gen Z person I meet, is gender fluid.

Now, I will freely admit that this could be due to the persecution that transgender people have faced over the years, and they did not feel comfortable in expressing their identity.  If that is a case, then it is a good thing that they now feel comfortable enough to be themselves.  However, I feel that this is kind of a fad like punk rockers or goth kids.  If this is just a phase that some kids are going through, and a way to claim some victimhood status, then nothing in my mind could be more insulting to a transgender person.  I find it about as insulting as white people self identify as “non-white”.

Oliver Wendell Holmes (Most people think it was Shakespeare) wrote “there is nothing so commonplace, than a wish to be remarkable”.  I think this is particularly true in a society that, celebrates victimhood, and mocks personnel achievement.  Young kids today, have been indoctrinated in public schools, that “America stole the lands from the native Americans”, “America was build on the sin of slavery”, “that everything they have achieved, is because someone else made it possible”, “that no matter what you do, you can get ahead, because the system is rigged”.  I find this rhetoric to not to just be harmful, to the nation, but to the people that make up the nation.  What this has led to, is a group of people that thinks it is ok, to burn personnel property (after all the owners, did not earn it), assaults blind WWII Marines in his front yard to destroy his flag (By the way if I find the people who did the, the Non Aggression Principle will not save you), that thinks it is ok to restrict free speech because they do not like, the content or speaker.

The liberals today, seems to think that victimhood real or perceived lets one group dictate to another, and as long as you can conquer up enough outrage, that your point must be morally correct, because you are loudest and most violent. As long as you can join one of these groups then you will receive the same protection as other “victims”, and you don’t have to excel or be yourself, because you are victim and the system is rigged against you.

We have become a society that celebrates individual groups, but not individualism.  So I say, if you really want to be a rebel and stand out, protect natural rights, fight the rigged system, not through the force of government, but through removing governments power to tell people how to live.  Do not force the tyranny of the majority on individuals, because that is what government force does.  If you just look at some history and notice that no matter which of the two major parties are in power nothing really changes.  So lets try freedom, and learn to love each other as individuals, because we are all in the minority of one.

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