Alternative media is constantly under scrutiny, investigative journalists along with conservative and libertarian commentators are always put under a microscope, and to delve into the world of strange conspiracies and oddities doesn’t put you into a safe place either.

I’ve always gone for the truth, and I wanted to show people you don’t need giant budgets or large teams or crews in order to go investigate something. With my program the Remso Republic, we continually try to combine pop culture and politics in order to promote the message of individual action. Sometimes, it means going to extremes in order to remind people that the world has opportunities for you to continue to question everything around you.

For me, that meant conducting a ghost hunt. Why did I chose that as my first film? Because why not? Other journalists simply stick to the same road as everyone else, what I wanted to do was put everything on the line to prove a point- you should go out and investigate everything you question.



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