What The Left Doesn’t Get About Kid Rock

I actually thought it was a joke when Kid Rock launched www.kidrockforsenate.com. I went on the site hoping for it to be another “celebrity to politician” type of shtick, but when I read his letter the potential humor immediately, with one portion of his letter really sticking out to me:

The one thing I’ve seen over and over is that although people are unhappy with the government, too few are even registered to vote or do anything about it. We have over a year left until an actual election, so my first order of business is to get people engaged and registered to vote while continuing to put out my ideas on ways to help working class people in Michigan and America all while still calling out these jackass lawyers who call themselves politicians.

During this time while exploring my candidacy for US Senate, I am creating a 501(c)(4) – a non-profit organization for the promotion of voter registration. Not only can I raise money for this critical cause, but I can help get people registered to vote at my shows. Since the announcement, the media has speculated this was a ploy to sell shirts or promote something. I can tell you, I have no problem selling Kid Rock shirts and yes, I absolutely will use this media circus to sell/promote whatever I damn well please (many other politicians are doing the same thing, they just feed you a bunch of bullshit about it). But either way, money raised at this time through the sale of merchandise associated with this very possible campaign will go towards our ‘register to vote’ efforts.

One thing is for sure though…The democrats are ‘shattin’ in their pantaloons’ right now…and rightfully so!

Immediately the fake news over at Salon jumped in, and then the rest of the league of fake news at Buzzfeed decided to join in the laughing stating:

So yes, Kid Rock should probably run for the Senate. If there is any justice in the world, he will win and be forced to move to Washington, DC, and show up for votes on whether or not April 27 should be International Pillow Day, and attend fundraisers at the homes of Northern Virginia’s finest citizens. He will wear suits and ask questions at cybersecurity hearings. He will have to answer constituent emails and hire staffers. He will be markedly ineffectual and do relatively little of any political consequence. Nothing will have changed as a result of either his candidacy or his service in Congress. And the Republican Party will have proven itself to be a leading voice in the fight against history’s greatest monsters: random liberals on the internet.

When a liberal celebrity like Ashley Judd or Clay Aiken, the left literally acts like the Second Coming has just occurred, but when a conservative celebrity runs for office, or even utters anything libertarian or conservative related, they are burned at the stake on the alter of progressivism and political correctness.

The last time the fake news media hated a Republican celebrity this much- we ended up with Donald Trump (good, bad, and indifferent).

Before I continue, the GOP is a disappointment, but let us not forget that while all Democrats are progressives, not all Republicans are conservative (libertarians aren’t even good at being libertarian, just look at Bill Weld). It took only 7 progressives with the label of Republican to stop the Obamacare repeal. When you look at Republicans at all level of office across the country, the media doesn’t want you to look at the progress Republicans are making because they want to paint the who party as a local, state, and national failure.

Long story short- we need actual constitutional conservatives and libertarians to take back the Republican Party. Matt Kibbe correctly put it in his book Hostile Takeover, “sometimes you have to beat the Republicans before you can beat the Democrats.”

The progressive establishment keeps saying that libertarians and conservatives are cheering for kid rock because of “a set of principles built on the rock-solid foundation of irritating liberals” as the same Buzzfeed article mentioned. My response to that is no, you’re irritated because you’re control freak losers.

Americans want Kid Rock because flyover country wants jobs

Because of progressive policies implemented by the Democratic Party, jobs millennials prayed for aren’t there and people are being let go because of automation and minimum wage increase. It’s hard to be a social justice warrior when your family is unemployed and no one will hire you because you don’t have work experience (because jobs aren’t available in the first place). Apart from that, while she is still widely unpopular among her base, the Democratic Party is still against the coal industry in coal country and lost massive support in the rust belt this last general election.

He’s shameless

Middle class workers are tired of campaign promises that are sold by people who remind you of car salesman. The rise of conservative and libertarian stars such as John McAfee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul (and dare I say), even populists such as Donald Trump show that middle America would rather have a honest rude man instead of a finely tuned robot.

Issues that matter

While the Democrats focus on nothing but Russia, Russia, Russia, regular people just want to make sure their wallets aren’t being pillaged. They want education reform, tax reform, and healthcare reform. Most Americans don’t care who you love or what you call yourself, they want to stop being treated as voter blocks and start being treated as individuals

Liberals aren’t attacking Kid Rock because they have some philosophical high ground, they fear him because he can win and might actually do what he said he’ll do.


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