Russia, Russia, Russia, the comparison between the main stream media, and Jane Brady, almost write themselves.  The memes on social media, have certainly been on point, and who knows maybe we will get yet another Brady Movie out of it.  What I find amazing in this story, is what is almost never reported is that even if the Russians hacked the DNC server, even if they leaked the emails to WikiLeaks, all that was reported, was how the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders out of being president.  The dreams that, we will find a smoking gun, that will result in the impeachment of Donald Trump, are at this point pure fantasy.  The real question here is why has Trump, not unleashed the Justice Department on the DNC, and started an investigation against the Clintons?

I also find it absolutely amazing how so many “Open Minded, Open Borders” are so willing to call Russia, our enemy, when just four years ago they openly mocked Mitt Romney for saying the same thing.  This despite the fact that the US and Russia, have never had a war, not once.  In fact, during the last two major global conflict the Russian people and the US have stood side by side in many major conflicts.  If you want to count the “Cold War” you should still acknowledge the fact that it was a proxy war between the USSR and the USA, one of those countries no longer exists, and the other is often ideologically aligned with us.  Yes, they are a peer competitor, yes, they have nukes, yes, they seek to regain the power that the USSR had on the world stage but, this is through trade and military support, just like the US has done over the last seventy years.  There is more that ties our two people together than what divides us. The Russians have problems with radical Muslim extremist, and if you have missed the last 30 years so do we.  

So, let’s put all that aside and say the Russians did hack our election, let say they colluded with Donald Trump, to ensure that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election.  What has been the effect, of such fraud?  Well, by all objective measure, the Russians did us a huge favor.  Since, Donald Trump was elected, he has rolled back over 800 regulations that have been hurting American businesses, and saved over 181 billion in regulatory cost.  If you believe the President of Liberland, if the US just rolled back regulation to the 1980 levels, our economy would add the GDP of Germany in one year. The Dow, which was always held up as Obama’s success number has broken 22,000, the highest it has ever been.  Since his election, the US has added over 1 million new jobs, unemployment is at 4.3% the lowest it has been in 28 years, and he has reached a ceasefire in Syria, something that Obama or Hillary could not do, and we would have troops on the ground if Hillary won.  All this, and he has only been elected for seven months.

I know it has been almost thirty years since we have seen this, but this is what a successful, Presidency looks like.  He is not the Libertarian hero, I would like and there is not much to like about the Trump administration, Jeff Sessions comes to mind, and his drug war policy.  They have not started a Clemency program, like the Obama admin did, to get non-violent offender out of prison.  We still do not have tax cuts, and if the Republicans do not lower the tax rate to no more than 15%, then you know they are full of it but, you knew that from the lack of repeal of the ACA.  So if you want to say that Russia hacked the election, then I say it was “From Russia with love”.


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