Patience isn’t for pundits, and to say what they are doing is unique is a bald faced lie. Instead of investigative journalism they’d rather spend hours watching car chases. Instead of focusing on the truth, these corporate owned politicized whore houses create echo chambers. When people wonder why I hope organizations like CNN fail, it’s because of the climate they help create when terrible events such as the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottsville occur.

Ask yourself before we go any further, how many actual journalists do you see on Fox, CNN, or MSNBC? I’m not talking anchors, talk show hosts, or pundits, I’m talking actual notepad and pen, digital recorder, hit the street journalists can you name off the top of your head. As I write this I’m watching fellow Virginian Ken Cuccinelli and former convict and Marxist devotee Van Jones are bickering. Cuccinelli is focusing on the fact white supremacy is wrong and the man who ran over and killed a woman should face the fullest extent of the law, while Van Jones is acting like they have committed another 9/11. Remember when the mainstream media tried to tell us all that Black Lives Matter couldn’t be held responsible for their million dollar riots across the country? Forget about that, listen to the enlightened Van Jones remind us about white hatred and how silence is violence (while ignoring Ken who is literally speaking against violence white supremacy).



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