How can two different networks carry a completely different interpretation of events on a topic we all obviously understand? Why are journalists sounding like commentators and commentators pretending to be journalists? Do we know what “fake news” really is? What about the media making news instead of reporting news? Is this all a big “nothing burger?”

Frankly, we need to put the media on trial in the court of public opinion and see whether or not we can trust our news sources, or even one another. From political colluding, corporate interest, to even attempts to coerce public perception and spike ratings, the mainstream media has lost the trust of millions of Americans on the left and the right who feel they can’t trust what they read or hear anymore.

If you’re like me, you were disgusted for years by the fake news’ attempt to consider themselves “objective” while obviously hiding a hard left or hard right agenda. Things took a worse turn when outlets like CNN spent more time blackmailing a Reddit user making a Trump GIF instead of actually investigating the Trump-Russia scandal. Speaking of Russia, what does Marxist ideologue Van Jones have to say about Russia?

CNN is but one outlet in the sea of the mainstream media putting out biased coverage and fraudulent information. Still, the fake news mafia won’t die unless we choose to opt out of their control, this is why I’ll be asking the American people to put the media on trial with my new docuseries “Nothing-Burger: the Media vs You.” I’ll be hosting one on one interviews with prominent media figures, townhalls on college campuses, and street interviews with everyday Americans in the most powerful city in the world, Washington DC. This film has a challenge though, no sponsors, companies, or special interest money will be used to produce it; it will have to come directly from the grassroots.

In order to make this into a reality, I’ve started an Indigogo campaign to crowdfund a current goal of $4,000 in two months. This will cover all aspects of production from filming, editing, to marketing. Only you can put the media on trial, and I hope you can help us make this real today.

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