I get contacted by potential content creators and entrepreneurs on a daily basis, and most the time it’s the same regular questions regarding “how to do what you [I] do?” So I thought I’d take some questions from the mail bag and put out the answers once and for all. Names have changed to protect their privacy and some of the questions have been edited to combine related e-mails I’ve received.

-“How do I get started with a podcast/YouTube channel/ website? I Google stuff but nothing is pointing me in the right direction”

Just do it, open up your laptop and just start. “But Remso, I want it to be good”, first establish what you think good looks like, because here is a fact, if you think your product looks crappy, other people will think it’s crappy. Too many people either purchase thousands of dollars of tools and equipment and just fail at content, or they focus so much time on content they ignore quality. You know you best; I asked Jason Stapleton the exact same question about my podcast and all he said was “just start recording” and that’s what I did. That was the best advice I received because it showed me what I was good at and what I needed to work on. No one can give you the exact reference, but what I can tell up upfront is to take an inventory of your resources and an inventory of your mind. Only you can answer “how do I get started?” Because all I can tell you is just do it.

-“How do I get my numbers to increase? I’m putting a lot of time into the show and I know it has great content and quality but it’s like no one is listening.”

I knew a guy (let’s call him Mac) that was starting a show and it was actually really good but it was cancelled after four episodes (the average number of episodes a podcast puts out before most podcasters quit). His biggest complaint was he spends so much time making the show quality and content good (it really was) but the downloads were non-existent. Well, Mac didn’t have downloads because no one knew Mac’s show even existed. You can’t just put something out in the wilderness and expect people to come to it if you aren’t calling out to them. If you’re a content creator, you’re also your own publicist and your own seller. People don’t buy or listen what they don’t know exists, so go find the people and let them know you exist.

-“What equipment or tools should I buy? Every tutorial on YouTube shows me stuff out of my price range.”

I nor anyone else should create a budget for you or tell you what to buy. You need to do your own research and spend only on what you need, which thanks to free software and stuff on the internet, should be low if you aren’t putting on a high end production. I’ve spent a year slowly investing and purchasing things based off need grounded in what I knew I couldn’t work without. Too many people purchase tools they think they need, which is a trap you need to avoid.

-“Why aren’t I seeing growth in my own celebrity or brand? I want sponsors and guests and other people to reach out to me for opportunities.”

Ok, so if you’re a fragile person who doesn’t like vulgarity or tough love, look at the picture of the kitten below and stop reading the article here….


No one gives a shit. No one at all gives a shit about you. You aren’t special and most likely you aren’t in even a small circle of influence. Stop thinking you’re special.

I provided the answers I did because it all boils down to one thing, mindset. In alternative media, there are no rules, think of yourself as an explorer. People may have paved paths ahead but there is still so much to discover.

Britney Spears said it better than anyone else could:

You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti?
You want a Maserati? You better work bitch…

I’m not even trying to be funny, I just don’t want to sell you lies. If you have any questions send a email to producer@remsorepublic.com

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