I have seen a lot of bloggers going bonkers about purchasing quality food from Aldi- I don’t get the hype.

Today, after a bit of research and curiosity, I visited Aldi. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it is a grocery store for low budget incomes and I happen to fall into that category.  Guys, Aldi has three-dollar wine and two dollar packs of meat. If you’re that desperate, please go to Walmart for better quality meat. Seeing the price of that made my stomach turn.

The carbon-footprint B.S is written all over the store from putting a quarter in to receive your shopping cart and the fact you have to bring your own reusable bag is undesirable to me. I find that contradictory when the large majority of the food they sell is a one way ticket to throwing up over your toilet. (As for condiments- it is probably worth going once in a solar eclipse)

So no, it is not economical to save money at Aldi to buy food that won’t last for a corporation that couldn’t care less about your health. It is cheaper to go to a farmers market on the weekend, or God forbid, step foot into a higher class corporation for hormone free meat and vegetables.


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