You just can’t reason with these people at this point…

Texas is drowning, and while the rest of real America is sending out their time, prayers, resources, and money to help those in need, the fake news media decides to waste time writing a entire hit piece regarding First Lady Trump’s stilettos that she wore in while visiting the relief efforts in Houston.

Seriously? What we wear is now under scrutiny by the radical left. You can’t even go on college campuses with any Trump gear without being beaten within an inch of your life. You know who won’t physically assault you or attack your lame fashion choices? Any conservative or libertarian who has better things to do with their time.

I was at a public event in town on the day of a local school board election in my part of Virginia, and while everyone was coming together to celebrate the team of Virginia responders who were deployed to Texas and other local news, the unfriendly neighborhood Democrats decided to send someone up to remind everyone that Democrats hate fun and unity.

his face has been cropped for his own privacy.

This elderly communist showed up to bug everyone at the event (which wasn’t even political) in order to ask if they had voted Democrat. Did any Republican there beat this old man into dirt for wearing a not very friendly shirt? nope, everyone shook his hand and went about their business. Besides, I don’t even get it, obviously America did have enough OF DEMOCRATS because Republicans swept almost every major local, state, and federal election in the country, and it wasn’t even a year ago when it happened.

So please Democrats, don’t beat people up and don’t be internet trolls about the First Lady’s shoe choice and I won’t call your t-shirt idea guy a moron (whoops, that just slipped…)


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