It’s a funny word I’ve had to become more familiar with, but it’s something that is causing me to change some habits. Biggest change? Cutting out sugary drinks, which is harder than I thought. Dr. Pepper is my mistress and Coke Zero is my crutch, but what I realized was that it wasn’t the taste or even the carbonation that I craved, it was the caffeine. My coffee habits weren’t great either, since my definition of coffee was really a heavy calorie latte.

What can I drink? Well, there is a thing called bulletproof coffee which is compatible with a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting.

Here is a video covering what this whole thing is:

Here is a pretty good video explaining the basic recipe:

Not gonna lie, I’ve kinda done things my own way with doing a simple:

-Black coffee (caffeinated)

-Half a teaspoon of unsalted, grass fed butter from Wegmans

-One spoon full of Now Sport MCT Oil

-Because I don’t put in the two spoons of butter in, I don’t blend it, I just stir (and I don’t add cream like some).

Anyway, I’ve seen that I’m hungrier less, have more energy, and crave things I used to much less. If you have any recommendations, let me know.

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