Disrupters innovate and venture into parts unknown, and we are glad to announce we are launching a partnership with HayekCoin in order to break into the realm of cryptocurrencies and help provide an alternative mean of exchange amongst podcast enthusiasts.

About HayekCoin:

HayekCoin is not a currency nor an investment and you shouldn’t hope to acquire HayekCoin for those purposes. HayekCoin are tokens that are rewarded to listeners of podcasts in the HayekCoin Partnership. Each partner has been given HayekCoin to distribute to their listeners as they wish. These coins can be collected for bragging rights or can be redeemed with the different partners for small things like shoutouts or exclusive content access. Essentially a reward for listening to all the partner podcasts.

Our Rewards:

The Remso Republic

One month’s worth of Haunted Republic content (Haunted Republic is a premium program). Price : 30,000

Access to one marketing/podcasting webinar hosted by Remso W. Martinez, Host of the Remso Republic. Price: 50,000

Shoutout on one of Remso Republic’s live shows. Price: 15,000

You can get some free HayekCoin today by joining our Patreon program between Labor Day and September 15th, 2017.



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