Everyone is talking about the Netflix documentary, “What The Health?”

As heard on the documentary, and on their website, the following facts are stated:

  • In the U.S one out of every four deaths is from cancer.

  • Two Thirds of adults are either overweight or obese.

  • One serving of processed meat per day increased the risk of developing diabetes by 51%

  • And many more…

Here are some things that brutally confuse me:

Why is it nearly impossible to find out who funded this documentary?

A.U.M Film and Media has a donation link on their website, and Kip Andersen’s biography on Climate One says that his business is a non-profit organization. However, a lot of this screams PETA, doesn’t it?

Kip Andersen’s biography states that he was inspired by Al Gore’s, An Inconvenient Truth. That says enough.

Why is this news to people? The documentary itself states that the research has been around for over fifty years. What’s next? We need to filter the air through a gas mask to prevent death?

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with the documentary and that the large majority of the world is misinformed about what is healthy and what is not and more people should be giving the FDA and other health industries a harder time than they have been given. Yes, the food we eat does cause the majority of health issues but at the end of the day the world will decide for themselves what they will do with their bodies because it is their own free will. This documentary falls in the same category as vegans giving out pictures of slaughter houses to scare the health out of everyone or make them murderers.

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