Video: Rude Socialist Fairfax Touts “Second Revolution”

They just don’t stop, the progressives have been on the side of history that continue to push forward their agenda. Coolidge and Cleveland are some of the only Presidents that come to mind that pushed towards liberty, while President Reagan is the only one in recent history who was able to at least halt America’s march towards the edge of the cliff. I’ve been hoping Trump and his cabinet can lead towards freedom, as they have been tepidly, but in the swing state of Virginia, hope lives and dies by seconds. The progressive upswing we have seen during the Obama years have left a stain on the state, and now that might be becoming permanent.

Justin Fairfax, Democratic candidate for LT Governor can’t event pretend to be a moderate to wing the rural south of Virginia, and is even incapable of seeming like a friendly person.

According to the Republican Standard:

Led by Tom Perriello and egged on by Bernie Sanders, Democrats spent the primary racing towards the left with little regard for Virginia’s center. On Labor Day, the Democratic ticket broke a six-decade bipartisan tradition in skipping Buena Vista’s Labor Day parade, an action the Roanoke Times said sent the wrong message to rural Virginia… this year, Democrats have nominated a ticket too partisan and too extreme to compete for rural votes or even keep pace among independents, which several polls have Gillespie winning by double digits.

Justin Fairfax, Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor, won his primary appealing to the Sanders wing of the party, taking very liberal positions in favor of single payer health care and against the pipelines, earning him the admiration and endorsements of grassroots groups like “Our Revolution,” which describes itself as the “next step for Bernie Sanders’ movement.”

This is what we have come too, just more mudslinging Democrats who want to openly push for socialism.

Unlike the staff at the Republican Standard, I’m still a swing voter in this race. Ed Gillespie was one of the few candidates who ran during the Republican takeover in 2014 who lost. During the race he has had to play the moderate card, yet still doesn’t motivate anyone who’s not a party hardliner. His surrogates do a better job at selling Ed Gillespie than Ed Gillespie. I don’t believe a person who has never taken a hard stance on any issue has any credibility, that was my problem with candidates like Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and Carly Fiorina during the 2016 presidential race.

Kid Rock (who has yet to announce his Senate run) says things that you don’t say unless you are willing to go down swinging and defending them; along with that he was one of the few celebrities that endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012, which was a massive career hit for him but he did it anyway because he feared for our country. Gillespie has been safe because he’s always been a Beltway man. I had really prayed for Denver Riggleman because here was a man who had declared open warfare on Dominion power and lobbyists, something no regular politician would do, which is why people flocked to him. The only benefit is that he cares about legacy, and as a results oriented man, maybe he’ll keep his promises.

Cliff Hyra deserves to be on the debate stage, and a vote for him in the longterm would be to drag the Republicans and Democrats over to more freedom based solutions. He can’t win though, that is just a fact. He has not made the progress Rob Sarvis had in both 2013 and 2014. Voting Libertarian may get you somewhere one day, but not today.

With Republicans set to gain seats in both chambers of government in the Commonwealth, Ralph Northam (who is not as progressive as he wants you to think) would essentially be a lame duck Governor who would have to work with Republicans to do anything. Forgive me if I’m hesitant, but that last Republican governor we had makes Terry McAuliffe look like Coolidge.

Either way, Republicans and Libertarians should fear anything that comes in the form of this “second revolution.”

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