This is getting seriously sad…

In the past I have stated on the show and on numerous other outlets that “I am glad to be wrong if it means the results are good and beneficial to the cause of liberty.” One individual however has proven to me that I was wrong about him, and this isn’t a situation to celebrate either.

When Evan McMullin ran for President in 2016, I saw a candidate who spoke to my libertarian values better than “bake the cake” Gary, someone who opposed the alt-right insurgency of the Trump campaign, and would shed a light on the dark lies of the Clintons. I thought I was seeing the leader of the next conservative movement, instead I think that moment has gone and died. From almost exclusively appearing on liberal outlets to going on his lonesome campaign to never admit Trump is doing anything right, even though he appointed a conservative SCOTUS Justice, assembled a very conservative cabinet, and has established some domestic policies that actually halted the national debt increase, McMullin shares more in common with the Trump hysterical left than actual, on the ground conservatives.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone though, because he was never part of the Tea Party movement we all sprouted from anyway. Shouldn’t surprise anyone that he’s doing the liberal’s bidding, after all his puppet master Bill Kristol even wants to convince McMullin supporters to call themselves “liberals” now.

(excuse me, I puked a little in my mouth reading that last sentence)

In a recent blog by Stand Up Republic, McMullin’s anti-Trump organization regarding fake news:

It’s fair to say that disinformation has long challenged our ability to discern truth in media. But the 2016 presidential election exposed to the public a new strain of the virus, and it’s one that requires increased vigilance to remedy.

Yes, that is a very accurate statement, but things take a turn however:

As our society adapts to this new landscape — one the President aggravates by labeling any media that challenges him as “the enemy” or “fake news” — foreign adversaries look to spread their own propaganda. Their disinformation campaigns exploit our free and open media, sowing chaos and eroding democracy in the process.

Alright, I guess I can see where they are coming from until they show what they consider “real news”:

Of course, sites that mix real journalism with distorted (or blatantly false) information blur the line between fact and fiction. Here’s a list of the worst offenders.

Who do they cite in their hyperlink? Wikipedia.

Who do they consider real news? MSNBC, ABC, The New York Times, the exact same news organizations part of the same crew of fake news that started this whole epidemic, and have done far worse to the credibility of journalism than InfoWars and Breitbart ever could.

Just when you think they can’t get dumber, they tell you to craw back to your masters and consult GOOGLE, listing “Consult Google (or maybe Bing?)” as an actual step to fighting fake news. It’s as if whoever wrote this has a fifth grade education and has been too busy screaming over Trump to pay attention to maybe a few big stories regarding Google that even make InfoWars look like they might be onto something.

Oh, and if you want to help me find the truth behind the actual threat of media spin and fake news, consider backing my Indigogo campaign where I won’t use my time to just scream about Trump or attack my right of center allies.

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