This was a busy week and it was only Monday folks…

Over at RedTea News:

“Depending on the source, sexual assaults on college campuses are either on a significant climb or are being highly exaggerated. The change in mindset and a new attitude towards Title IX, however, is focused on something the Obama-era “Dear College Letter” failed to do, treating men and women as equals instead of forging the myth of rampant gender inequality with regard to sexual assault cases.”


Over at The American Conservative:

“On the 16th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11, TAC Managing Editor Kelley Vlahos spoke with two individuals—Scott Horton and John Kiriakou—who have unique insights regarding how the promulgation of law enforcement, surveillance, pre-emptive war, and the expanding U.S. footprint abroad has completely changed who we are as a country.”


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