There are few people I admit, hands down, are skilled craftsmen of true authority in their fields. Rush Limbaugh is the Godfather of modern talk radio and birthed the premier generation of conservative radio hosts, writers, and commentators. Ben Shapiro was able to bring a dry wit to sticky subjects while actually being able to bring in young people to the conservative mindset. There is though a radio host from Alabama that is taking political talk beyond it’s comfortable, headline chasing borders and not keeping himself tied down to the safety constraints of modern conservative talk radio.

Joey Clark- libertarian writer, producer, and former host of the Bunbury Report podcast, has made the leap from strutting through the airwaves on weekends to now an hourly afternoon block of time Monday through Friday. Self deprecating yet stern, flippant yet fair, Clark’s show is a lovechild of the cerebral temperament of John Bachelor with the sometimes sarcastic spin of a Quentin Tarantino movie.

There are very few hosts that truly manage to be the full master of their own voice, something that Clark has been able to truly accomplish.

Give his premier episode of the Joey Clark Radio Hour a listen below.

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