Since 2013, self identified libertarians and many center ground independents have become a larger voting block in the Commonwealth of Virginia. With the 7% total received by Libertarian candidate for Governor Robert Sarvis in 2013, Democrats and Republicans have had to figure out why voters aren’t just rejecting one party, but both. The bellwether state was used as a case study by many partisans and consultants as the threat of a 3rd party candidate loomed towards the 2016 general election, eventually coming to fruition in the form of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, CIA officer Evan McMullin, and medical doctor Jill Stein.

Fast forward to now, many politicians are scrambling to figure which way the culture is heading towards in the turbulent age of Donald Trump’s America. With another election coming around the corner in Virginia, many commentators are saying that this series of midterm races will be the first major referendum on the Trump administration. With that said, Virginia has been in the crosshairs of the media since the 2016 general election. Freshman Congressman Tom Garrett of the 5th Congressional district of Virginia for example, joined the House Freedom Caucus and was instrumental in the fight against “RyanCare” along with becoming a prime target of leftist groups such as Antifa. Back stateside, the Governor’s race too became a national affair as well favored Ed Gillespie almost lost to former Trump chairman and Alt-Right darling Corey Stewart, who within days of losing to Gillespie by a short 1%, went on to announce his current US Senate campaign to take out incumbent Tim Kaine. With all this said, the events in Charlottesville regarding the white supremacist rally last August didn’t make things any calmer.


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