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We wonder why civil discourse is in such a disastrous state of affairs right now. We can’t listen to a single talking head without saying “how divided we are.” I’ve been on a journey to try and understand why it appears as if we can’t come together to have an honest and fair discussion on any issue, and what I’ve discovered is this- we don’t understand each other.

Literally, we don’t understand each other in a way similar to speaking two languages neither understands.

Talking to individuals across the political spectrum, here are ten very important words we throw around that conservatives, libertarians, and progressives mean differently. While these definitions are not the absolute definition, it’s the bare essence which very few can disagree on for the sake of having constructive dialogue.


Someone who believes that the values of limited government and individual enterprise lead to better lives where we place an emphasis on western and Christian values such as family and personal responsibility.

Liberals believe conservatives are adverse to change, even when it could potentially help the larger population.

Libertarians assume conservatives are theocrats because most conservatives are either staunch Christians or Jews.


Someone who believes you shouldn’t physically harm people or take their stuff, or use the force of the State as a violent middleman to enforce one worldview or another.

Conservatives think all libertarians social relativists who absolutize the free market and want no government at all.

Liberals think libertarians don’t want to have any charitable institutions and are corporatists by nature.


This is the concept that mankind can purge itself of imperfections from disease to poverty through use of the State.

Conservatives believe progressives are communists, though progressives don’t want absolute control of the market system whereas communists aim to seize the means of production.

Liberals assume it is a system which brings greater happiness to ones life without judgement in order to create a conflict-avoidant society.

Libertarians just jump to communist pretty fast.


To actually hate or discriminate someone simply because of their race.

Libertarians and conservatives get this right. Progressives however assume that anyone that doesn’t fit within an assumed racial hierarchy the displaces people because of their race is hateful.

Democratic Socialist

Someone that demands government institutions that eliminate concerns such as lack of healthcare or poverty. Essentially a form of soft fascism which allows the 51% to control the other 49%.

This is pretty clear on all lines, except progressives assume it isn’t in anyway a road to totalitarianism.


A nationalist-socialist who wants to ban all immigrants and hates the jews.

Progressives believe anyone who disagrees with them is a nazi.


A person who believes you have full autonomy over your physical self.

Progressives take it farther than this, while calling themselves liberals though at the same time demanding more control of other the lifestyle of others.

Conservatives buy into the narrative that liberals just care more about the disenfranchised.

Fake News

News that is fraudulent or actually fake.

Conservatives and progressives assume anything that goes against their personal biases are fake.


Something that is accepted by the majority as society as valid.

Progressives think any social norm is “mainstream” therefore they must resist it. Conservatives think anything that receives money from the elite is “mainstream” therefore against middle America.

Libertarians believe things that are mainstream are in a way a “sacred cow” meant to be questioned.


This has no definition, it was a insulting term taken by everyone (primarily during the 2016 general election) that never had a single definition. The best thing to do is to stop using this word.

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