By Jamie LaGrow (@Lagrowjamie

How many times have we seen celebrities, politicians and the vast majority of the millennial generation advocate for Feminism? The Wage Gap, Rape Culture, Cat-calling and other debunked claims gone rogue. There are so many contradictions among the different sects of this group- it’s hard to keep up. They say they want equality between the sexes, but insist on only encouraging women, and debasing men. Every one of these blowhards insists on gender equality, but never address Men’s issues.

Lena Dunham was quoted as saying, “I’m deeply interested in politics, in what is going on in the United States. I’m deeply concerned for what happens to women, especially women of color.” This was during a Feminism push for ‘gender equality’, but it never addressed the pertinent issues for men these days as far as the problems men face day to day. While men are being ostrasized on the public transit for what they call ‘manspreading’- a highly common practice which keeps the larger sex from crushing his own genetalia- women are complaining that they have to dress ‘professionally’- which basically means to dress politely and appropriately as to the position they retain. Women are actually calling dress codes for the workplace as “sexist, racist and classist”.

Feminists complain that women are expected to act professionally in the workplace as well. “We are always expected to stay calm, cool and collected at work,” a Feminist complained on the ‘Everyday Feminism’ website. “This is clear oppression- men show less emotion, and women’s feelings have to be suppressed in order to move up the ladder in any professional position.”

I shit you not- this is an actual Feminist position. If a grown man was too emotional because of the loss of a loved one or some other tragedy in his life, cried uncontrollably at certain triggers reminding him of the trauma, he would be asked to leave for the day. To take some time to get his issues and emotions in order. No shame, just take some time, come back when you feel better. The same would hold true for a woman. If she is having a difficult time on a particular day, the management would ask the same, take some time, come back when you have your mind straight and can concentrate on work. We are all human, we all have bad days. However, the workplace is not a safe space or therapy session, it’s not a place of rest, it’s a place for serious work with the goal of generating revenue. If any person brought a good deal of drama into their workplace- regardless of sex or race- that person would be asked to go home until they got their minds in the right place, or perhaps even dismissed altogether -depending on the severity of the outburst. If you’re the hot-head type and cause drama just because you’re unable to control your temper, then this would be the type of problematic attitude that could cause a termination. Regardless of sex, class or gender.

How did this become a sexist conversation? Why is it okay for a woman to lose her shit for her own reasons in the workplace, but men- oh well everything is so easy for them, they don’t have emotions you know- they have to suck it up and deal. While women use their sex to attain special privilege.

This is true privilege.

When you break things down objectively- truly looking at this ‘privilege’ claim, things make more sense.

Most men are not the ones perpetrating true sexism. Sure there are plenty of sexist men, they do exist. But the huge falsehood here is that it’s impossible for an oppressed woman to be sexist against men. This is a lie repeated so often, and on the campuses of universities and colleges to the most impressionable of our society and culture, that it shows a true power-grab- all accomplished with one word: privilege.

Consider for a moment. Naming four people- let’s determine the true amount of ‘privilege’ in their respective lives.

  1. Homeless white Vetran male
  2. Colin Kaepernick
  3. Kim Kardashian
  4. Hillary Clinton

Who, on this list, has the most ‘privilege’? By extension, power?

To most sane people, the answers are obvious. Most would agree that an NFL player making millions every year, and the illustrious rich ex-porn-star would be the ones at the top of the privilege list. They certainly have a lot of fame and power, monetarily and within our culture. Clinton would be up there too, since she not only was a FLOTUS, but also served as a US Senator and as Secretary of Sate during Obama’s first term. Clinton is worth billions. Not that she acquired her status or worth honestly- it’s just the point, she’s a very rich and powerful woman. Hell, let’s add Obama in there for good measure. He would top the list as well. He was also a US Senator and served as POTUS for eight consecutive years, leaving the White House in certain raising his personal wealth as well.

Again- according to our Feminist, millennial culture, who has the most “privilege”?

Hold onto your hats.

It’s the homeless white man that is somehow more ‘privileged and powerful’ than all of these big players in entertainment and politics.

Even if we cheated a bit and added Michelle Obama the former FLOTUS- she would somehow have less privilege too, as a woman of color.

How in any universe- does a penniless beggar have more power and privilege than these other prestigious people mentioned? The man has no home, no money or family. He fought with his own blood, sweat and tears for our country and freedoms, and if he is lucky enough to get therapy for his physical and mental injuries of war- he runs the risk of being overdosed by the doctors assigned his case. Many have been prescribed large doses of opiate pain killers for diagnosis’ of depression or PTSD. Is that ‘privilege and power’?

The running lines, or lies rather, have blamed white men for every fatality, problem and oppression ever invented in human history. Sure, according to their reasoning no men are exempt. But the white men, well, it sounds more like the words ‘white devil’, than it does the actual term when you hear the disdain in people’s voices.

Because it’s culturally impossible for women to be sexist and for minorities to be racist these days, that would leave only one enemy, one culprit responsible for all of the woe inflicted in human history. The white male.

Because they falsely claim that ‘institutionalized racism and sexism’  exist and are only perpetrated by white males- By default they are born as evil and privileged in their eyes. Reproaching and reviling white people and men, is the go-to action by any kid that was unfortunate enough to attend a ‘Gender Studies’ or ‘Political Sciences’ class. As long as the person you harass is white or a white male, (double points) or a straight white male, (royal flush) the young person feels no prick of conscience, even feels good about his or herself thinking they are crushing ‘toxic social norms’ or the ‘oppressive status quo’.

If you’re a minority or a woman- no matter your position of income- you have every right to approach a white male and demand he share his privilege with you. By this logic- Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian should be shaking down this white homeless soldier for whatever he can benefit them with. Having state of the art lifestyles isn’t enough, they must strip him from his rags and plunder his change cup.

This is exactly what makes Feminists hypocrites, and it’s precisely why the meaning of ‘privilege’ is changing so rapidly.

By these rules, a person that has done very little in life to improve his or her situation can approach a white male and demand that he surrender his privilege.

Here, my friends, is the power-grab.

“I know I didn’t work for that like you did but you have to give me half of it because ‘white privilege’.”

As insane as this sounds it’s the twilight zone in which we live.

“You owe me resources you earned because ‘institutional racism’.”

Somehow people are buying into this, and even feel guilt just for a condition of birth. The guilt or annoyance grows until the ‘privileged’ person just wants peace and gives up what he rightfully earned for the sake of compromise.

Power-grab complete.

This is an article to raise awareness in such matters, and to hopefully reason with others. If you didn’t earn it, you have no right to it just because of the race or gender you were born into. This is my strict opinion, but it’s also objective fact. If you steal what rightfully belongs to others, regardless of your reasoning on the issue, it makes you a thief. You can call yourself an SJW, a Feminist, a Civil Rights leader, but at the end of the day it only makes you an oppressor yourself, the pinnacle of hypocrisy.

Before I go I want to do a small review on an older movie entitled Savages. This movie was in theatres at the time that the Dark Knight movie came out around 2010 or so.

The basic premise of the movie included a trio of lovers, two men and a woman who run into trouble when they want to get out of the Marijuana business. One of the males in the trio was a soldier. One tour in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. So the seeds he brought back were of supreme quality being from the land of sand and drugs. One thing leads to another and the two men end up taking paths they never thought possible when their female counterpart is kidnapped by their Latin drug dealing partners- demanding they continue to grow and supply the copious amounts of weed.

This was based on actual events, so it was jarring to see how in this story the extent to which women rule the world. This wasn’t a political or feminist movie, it was just a woman recalling the events as they happened. Here these two men were, fighting a Latina cartel boss- played by Salma Hayek- for the one girl they wanted back. This woman crime boss had no husband, no sons- since they were all murdered. She had one surviving daughter that she kept hidden as she was all she had left. She was richer than imaginable, held power over dozens of men, rich and poor, white or not, this woman ruled them effortlessly and was more cutthroat than a one-eyed pirate.

The narrator, the girl abducted- was an average airhead. Beautiful, but not very bright.

The thing that really stood out to me the most as a spectator was how far the men were willing to go to keep their women and children safe. No man in this movie was exempt of this. Even the worst of the scum still provided, protected and cherished their women. They committed no end of crimes and atrocities, even against themselves to keep them safe from the ugly dangers.

A certain scene demonstrated this more than any other, although the truth of this permeated the entire film.

A character by the name of Alex, one of the crime diva’s top men was tied by the wrists, hanging with his feet above the ground, as another right hand guy beat him to disfigurement with a buggy whip. The man had done no wrong, in fact he was completely innocent of the accused crimes. But Alex knew the score. He begged for mercy from the cold woman boss, “for the sake of his family, his wife and children.” When it became apparent that there would be no mercy, in fact, they were prepared to bring his wife and children in for torture, he manned up and took the blame for a crime he had no knowledge of and no opportunity to commit. The crime of theft was actually done by the two growers, trying to raise enough cash to free their kidnapped girlfriend.

Alex was doused with gasoline and gagged in preparation to be burned to death. Who struck the match? Who executed this man? Who had to live with this? Was it the soldier who was a bit more accustomed to killing?

No. It was the main grower, a major in business and botany because he just wanted to make money, not kill anyone. Out of the two young men that were there searching for a way to free their girlfriend, they chose the one who had no blood on his hands and felt devastated to kill a bug or plant.

Why would he do this? What would drive a non-violent man to kill another innocent man in one of the most brutal ways imaginable?

He did it for a chance to save his own girl.

Just a few scenes prior, the soldier had his finger on the trigger of a loaded 45 in his mouth, just to prevent the girlfriend from losing a finger.

Every despicable act depicted in this film was done to either protect or save their women. These men killed and were killed just to keep their women comfortable and safe, and their female boss happy. The irony between this story and our current culture was such a sting it had to be mentioned.

True, men have committed the worst atrocities imaginable throughout history. Men have made weapons, war, and so many other harmful things on this planet. But what was the underlying reason? Why have men gone to such extremes?

Because they loved and protected their women and children at the end of the day.

This doesn’t excuse all of the genocide and tragedy throughout our history by any means. But doesn’t that small fact count for anything?

Men pay taxes, they collect taxes, and they bring the taxes back for the women to spend. There’s not much a man won’t do to protect his woman. Right now, they’re studying child development and culinary arts, just to please the Fem culture.

But don’t mention that to Feminists or college professors. You’ll mess up their dogmatic ideology, and most likely their revenue too.

Disclaimer: Guest Contributions are not the opinion of Remso Republic Media

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