With the overall level of trust in the mainstream media continuing to fall deeper and deeper each day, this is providing a blessed opportunity for the world of alternative media, along with greater challenges as well…

You no longer need a giant or exclusive corporate media contract with a news outlet or a degree in journalism to jump in the news field anymore, meaning the barriers for entry are down and empowering citizen journalists to go out, find a story or give an opinion, and reach thousands and millions of people thanks to the internet. This however great, also means that many objective, local outlets are beginning to die out while the mainstream media at least stays alive despite plummeting views.

It seems that while the good can be balanced with the bad, what is undeniable is that the field of news, commentary, and journalism is changing drastically. While investigative journalism and reporting isn’t a lucrative field in the first place, being a freelance journalist is even more difficult. There are some in the field of independent media showing that where their is a will, there is a way.

Mike Cernovich, the author of Gorilla Mindset (a book I also highly recommend) went form his Danger and Play blog and podcast to launching Cerno Media, a new network similar in tone and vision to that of Infowars and other new media enterprises. Funded primarily through Cernovich himself and by crowdfunding, monthly patrons, and single donors. Cernovich’s media clout, social media influence, and name recognition have sky rocketed the past year thanks to his hard work and risk taking attitude used to rebrand himself from mindset guru to hard hitting journalist.

While the crowdfunding model may help individuals and small teams, the rough road of the evolution of independent media has taken out small start ups and even recently hit Rebel Media, the right wing Canadian site, with some serious issues of their own. Popular figures such as Lauren Southern and Laura Loomer departed this year following some internal issues within Rebel (rumors submitted from verified sources also point to Gavin Mcinnes leaving soon as well). These departures along with increasing financial issues have put the Rebel’s future at risk, something even Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze had to deal with after firing 20% of their staff.

While Lauren Southern seemed to land on her feet rather smoothly, many wondered if Loomer (best known for her Shakespeare in the park disruption) would be as lucky. Within several weeks of being on her own, Loomer seems to have taken the rogue journalist mindset to heart, covering the stories she wants to cover and even getting CNN to take her side after her exposure of a hate crime hoax in California.

With individuals such as Cernovich and Loomer, they show that independent journalists are alive and kicking (just look at how the independent News2Share changed the narrative on the Charlottesville riot alone). Accompanied with new sites such as The Rouser, Lone Conservative, The Libertarian Republic, Conservative Review, and Halsey News showing that while the mainstream media attempts to bandage its wounds, real journalism and authentic commentary are making a comeback while not going against the rules of the game, but beginning to pave their own.

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