Fair warning this review contains plot spoilers and other things you may not want to know if you have not seen the movie.  With that said lets get to it.  Over the weekend, I had a chance to take in some entertainment, and my family wanted to go see The Kingsman: The Golden Circle.  I was expecting to turn my brain off for an hour or so, and enjoy, explosions, fights scene, cool gadgets, and few jokes.  What I was not expecting, was to watch the movie and end up rooting for the villain to win, and feeling like this “fun” film is one of the most important films to see.



To understand why the villain was the hero of this story you must understand the plot.  Poppy Adams, portrayed by Julianne Moore, is a brilliant woman who used her genius in chemical engineering and robotics to take over the entire illegal drug trade, to the tune of about $250 billion tax free annually.  Which by any standard is a pretty nice payday.  Furthermore, if you think that figure is high, please understand that El Chappo had 17 billion in cash in his house when he was arrested him.

However, she craves attention and expectance from the rest of the world.  She wants to be on the cover of Forbes, interviewed by Oprah, and invited to the White House Business Counsel.  Poppy even goes on a rant about how her products are less dangerous than sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco.  Furthermore, she understands that there is too much money invested in combating the war on drugs, while there are too many powerful lobbyist who are trying to protect the status quo of keeping drugs illegal.  As a result, she decides to engineer a virus into her drugs that will kill hundreds of millions of people all over the world unless the US legalizes and regulates all drugs.  Ironically, she even had a tag line “Legalize and Save Lives”.

This is where she not only violates the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) but, spills the truth about drug prohibition.  The war on drugs is killing thousands of people annually.  In the United States alone, 65,000 people died of an overdoses in the year 2016 while Chicago will have had around 1,000 drug related killings by the end of this year.  This is more people than we lost in Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the global war on terrorism combined.  I can’t believe that we don’t have antiwar protesters protesting the war on drugs since we are losing more people than our other unconstitutional wars.  We should look to other countries like Portugal, who have decriminalized drugs, or even Canada and Sweden, who are treating drug addictions rather than hunting and incarcerating their own people, because these countries have experienced a 95% decline in overdoses.

To really drive home this point, this film has a very Donald Trump like president that chooses to win the war on drugs by locking everyone infected in a cage, until they die.  Which is pretty much what I think Jeff Sessions wants to do.  As anticipated, the Kingsman save the day which leads to a Hollywood Liberals wet dream of the President being impeached and hauled off in handcuffs.  This charge is led by a short-blond woman in a pant suit.  Hmm, I wonder who they are trying to imitate here?  This is ironic since both the Clintons and the Democrats are just as huge drug warriors as Sessions and the Republicans.   All in all, the movie is fun, over the top, and worth seeing. Maybe this is how Libertarians should start to sell freedom through pop culture, beating people over the head with facts, and demonstrating truths that are not working.


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