With little to no coverage regarding Eric Holder’s elusive fundraiser for Virginia Democrats on October 13th (even after sending this tip to several other “mainstream” Virginia based conservative sites after this was first broke on TRS), I continued an investigation as to whether or not Democrats just weren’t publicizing the event or didn’t know Holder was coming to begin with.

The thing about fundraising is that people need to know an event is happening so they can show up and drop wads of cash, that’s fundraising 101. Virginia Democrats aren’t publically promoting the event on either their state or local social media (as of October 8th), you have to go way into their dusty websiteand go to the calendars page to see the event listed. Eric Holder isn’t some random former official, he was the Attorney General at the Department of Justice for a majority of the Obama administration and oversaw a list of scandals ranging from the illegal gun running scandal “Fast and Furious” to spying on the press without going through the legal procedures for wiretapping and surveillance.

As of recently, Holder joined his progressive pals in the entertainment industry where he is tapped to produce a legal drama for CBS, in turn creating a show which will echo the sentiments of his time as AG in order to create a narrative/echo chamber vis a vi fictitious storytelling similar to the way “Madam Secretary” was spun from the Hillary Clinton State Department daysprior to her failed run for President in order to shed a soft light on her by creating a nicer character in her likeness.

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