Within two days of it’s premier online, the Remso W. Martinez short documentary “American Statesman” following Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas has already received rave reviews from within the conservative community in the Commonwealth and abroad. Here is what some had to say…

“American Statesman has one glaring flaw… It isn’t long enough! I wish every American could know Nick like I know him. This film shines a light on an already bright spot in the Freedom movement. Nick is exceptional, this is a must watch.” 

~Congressman Tom Garrett

“American Statesman and Remso Martinez not only tell the much needed story of a true patriot, Nick Freitas, but shows how to deliver the liberty message in a winning way, which is blatantly missing from the main stream media. Martinez and American Statesman exceeds all expectations.”

~Mike Feuz, Liberty Pub founder and “American Statesman” co-producer

“Remso Martinez has done it again. What was done with American Statesman has been needed for years; a real, raw look into the mind of a freedom lover that you would never see in mainstream media. Martinez keeps disrupting media and politics in the best ways, and this film is his best surprise yet. Fresh, unfiltered, and well produced, this film aptly displays what’s possible for liberty. If more people like Freitas teamed up with more people like Remso Martinez, we’d see a fundamental change in politics forever.”

~Eli Bowman, writer at The Libertarian Republic

“It’s high time that conservatives embrace liberty, truth and transparency. The torch bearer in the Virginia House of Delegates for those three virtues is Nick Freitas. He is the warrior statesman that the Commonwealth needs. I highly recommend this documentary about a great man.”

~Denver Riggleman, former Virginia gubernatorial candidate 

“Great documentary on Virginia House of Delegates member Nick Freitas. A fellow Californian who has also found refuge in Virginia alongside his family. His future is bright. Watch this!”

~Gabriella Hoffman, marketting entrepreneur

“American Statesman perfectly outlines the type of character that is desperately needed in American Politics. Nick Freitas is a man that loves liberty as much as he loves integrity. America politics won’t be the same once he is in higher office, and the movie American Statesman might be the thing to help him get there.”

~Aaron Sobchak, College Libertarians at Liberty University

“He has a good personal story. He’s an Iraq war veteran with tea party roots. He has a fan base inside the party that’s been promoting him for some time. There’s even a YouTube channel dedicated to telling the ‘Nick Freitas Story.’ And it’s in those fawning videos that one gets a sense of why a candidate like Freitas could make a solid GOP Senate nominee.”

~Norman Leahy, contributor to The Washington Post

You can see the full film below:

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