My journey in the Liberty Movement has been long and worthwhile.

I started as a student activist traveling in a packed pseudo hippie van to Students For Liberty conferences a state away sleeping on the floor of seedy hotel rooms hoping to cram my backpack full of free books to take back to my student group so we could have supplies.

I went on to be a intern at FreedomWorks where my main job was to coordinate and send supply packages to activists and clean closets while using what time I had available to write widely circulated education reform blogs fighting Common Core and anti-school choice measures.

I’ve worked for a Libertarian candidate who made sitting Delegates understand civil asset forfeiture is policing for profit. I fought the media in Alabama during TEA Party leader Becky Gerritson’s fight against Martha Roby. I managed the campaign of a underdog insurgent independent candidate for a city council seat that brought us state wide attention and reminded regular people that tax money is their money. I fought like Hell to give the House Freedom Caucus Tom Garrett. Let’s not forget I was also Austin Petersen’s first staffer for his presidential campaign.

I got into journalism at the Media Research Center where I learned at Newsbusters just how corrupt the media could be.

When I started the Remso Republic podcast, I did so with the mission of giving a voice to the ignored, discuss the hard topics, and always bring the focus back to liberty while having fun in the process. I’ve broken massive pieces in the media and told the stories that needed to be told. I do this because I love the fun and fulfilling sensation that freedom pours over my soul.

Nick Freitas is without a doubt one of the most humble and honorable men I’ve met in my life. He is the reason I call myself a Republican and a reminder of what liberty can help us achieve in our lives. I told him on numerous occasions in private settings not to run for Senate because I feared the battle that would ensue. Nick isn’t doing this for a political career, he is doing this because the voices for freedom are being put in a strangle hold and frankly there are still vampires that need to be dragged into the light. Nick has spent his adult life running head on into life threatening and dangerous situations, and if he believes he is the person to run straight to the crisis point, I’m running there with him.

Watch “American Statesman: the Nick Freitas Story”

Over time I’ve become agnostic of parties and the political process, but I believe in the vision of a government that respects the rights of free men and women to live and rise by their own effort and to determine the map of their own life. I’ve asked you to help me before, but I’m asking you to fight with me now because what we are witnessing is a burning building which needs some firemen to run in and save the day.

December 13th is my 23rd birthday and I’m asking you all to consider pitching in $23 to the Nick Freitas for US Senate campaign. Liberty rising lifts our potential for the prosperity for our posterity and beyond.

The revolution continues.



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