In a packed weekend only days after Delegate Nick Freitas’s US Senate announcement, activists, donors, and endorsers from across the commonwealth are working day and night in order to hit the ground running.

In an exclusive statement to The Remso Republic, current representative to the Columbia District of Fluvanna County on the school board Andrew Pullen has announced he will be endorsing Delegate Freitas for his bid for the Republican nomination in 2018.

“To once again win a statewide election in Virginia and to grow the Republican Party into a prosperous and successful organization, we must return to the fundamental principles of which the party was organized on in 1854 to combat the spread of slavery. The God given, inalienable rights for all men and women as written in our nations founding document guided the party from abolishing slavery to republicanism being much more than a political party affiliation, but a way of life. A renewed focus on our individual rights, popular sovereignty and an uncompromising commitment to liberty are the values that will deliver us from political oppression and return us to self governance. These are the values of the “Liberty Rising” movement, led by Nick Freitas. Not only is he the only Republican who can defeat Senator Tim Kaine in 2018, but the force to drive the liberty movement is the future of the Republican Party.”

Pullen is a well respected public servant currently serving as the Volunteer fire chief in Kents Store, VA, and is also the vice chair of the Fluvanna Republican Committee. Pullen has been a political activist for years and was instrumental in Virginia to the Ben Carson presidential campaign where he eventually went to work on the general campaign for now President Donald Trump. Pullen has also given his time and service to State Senator Mark Peake and Congressman Tom Garrett during their campaigns.

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