As if someone took advice from the Will Farrell handbook straight out of “The Campaign”, the official website of Virginia Republican US Senate candidate E.W. Jackson looks like something you’d typically see on the site of any typical Republican running for federal office, except the part where Jackson literally states he wants to “Inspire Fear Around The Globe.”

If you don’t believe me, look at the screenshot below or go look at Jackson’s current campaign website.


I’m not bringing light to this embarrassing and stupid choice of words because I have anything against Jackson, I highly respect his service to our country and I see him as a honorable and good man, but stating you want to “inspire fear around the globe” is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen in my years of campaign activism and consulting.

If you want to double down on every negative right wing stereotype the progressives throw out, this is how you do it. Unless you want the endorsement of the Bill Krystol’s of the world, any rational person would run from a person stating something which reminds them of Darth Vader.

The full statement stated:

We MUST continue to have the world’s greatest fighting force, one that strikes fear into the hearts of our enemies. E.W. Jackson is committed to ensuring a strong national defense, a clear foreign policy, and a fully funded military. They fight for us. We must also fight for our military to make sure they have everything they need to achieve victory, and know that the American people respect, love, and embrace them for their service. They are willing to give their lives. We must be willing to do everything in our power to help them come home to their loved ones.

Now nothing in that actual statement screams strike fear, but most voters won’t read past the banner.

I have reached out to the Jackson campaign for further comment.

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