Recently writer Jake Richards from The Conservatarian covered my recent film “American Statesman: The Nick Freitas Story”:

“There needs to be more highlights for the people who are changing the faces of political candidates, from career politicians to candid statesman. We also need to find these types of individuals amongst our local pool of candidate choices, stand behind them and promote the Liberty movement. This documentary is a great cameo for the VA senate candidate that is becoming a favorite throughout the liberty movement. With interviews from friends, staff, family, speeches by the candidate and victory rallies at the end. You begin to shape a perspective inspired through the consistent momentous that he embodies integrity, sense of duty, and liberty that drives his win streak again and again.”

It gets better though:

“The liberty movement needs candidates that embody all of the qualities that a statesman like Nick Freitas displays in order to keep the win streak going.”

You can read the full piece here

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