Seasons come and go, but some snowflakes last forever…

On December 21st, The Rouser reported on a incident where Tomi Lahren apparently wanted to avoid questions regarding her abortion stance which caused the media scandal behind her firing at TheBlaze less than a year ago.

Students are in an uproar at Turning Point USA’s West Palm Beach Student Action Summit where at least a dozen students were denied asking political commentator Tomi Lahren why she supports abortion.

Baylor University student Chloe Knox was the first student to be denied after her question was screened by a TPUSA employee.

“Was this a joke?” The majority of this week was spent in discussion on banning free-speech zones, censorship, and being able to talk openly about controversial topics,” Knox told The Rouser.

The question was far from out of bounds or inappropriate:

“You are perhaps best known for being an outspoken advocate for our armed forces and law enforcement. In fact, the one major government power you support is the common defense of Americans. However, the one group you do not believe deserves protection from the government is the most vulnerable population—unborn children. You claim that government should stay out of your body, my body, and all other women’s bodies. My question is that if it’s been scientifically proven that unborn children are their own separate organisms with their own unique human DNA and beating hearts, how can you claim that abortion is a right to YOUR own body?”

I reached out to Knox to get some further clarification on the whole incident.

Remso: When the TPUSA employee stated you couldn’t ask the question you wanted to submit to Tomi, what was the first thought that went through your mind?
Chloe Knox: I thought that there must have been a mistake. I asked him to double check, because surely TPUSA wouldn’t censor pro-life questions. I pointed him to my seat and asked him to return to me once he figured it out.  He did not return, and actually continued sending students away with similar questions.

R: Do you think the issue was the questions itself or the person it was directed too?
CK: Most definitely that it was Tomi. Students were not denied asking questions throughout any other part of the conference, and abortion was mentioned on other occasions.  It was clear that this was because of the person on the stage, not the content of the question.
R: What type of responses have you seen from people at the event you discussed this situation with? 
CK: I have received numerous messages of encouragement and support. I can’t tell you how many people have reached out to me and my other peers about our censored questions. Also, Charlie Kirk reached out to me himself to personally apologize, which I very much appreciated.
R: Did your opinion of Tomi change after this incident?
CK: Oh, absolutely. I knew we didn’t agree on the issue of life before, but I still respected her as a fellow conservative.  Now, I cannot even bring myself to call her one.  She is a hypocrite, flat out.  She preaches against snowflakes and for free speech, yet then IS a snowflake that does not address certain topics. Of course that’s her right, but it is clearly hypocritical of everything she supports. Even Glenn Beck, her former employer (who fired her), tweeted back agreeing with me.
R: Do you think young conservatives are grounded in conservative principles or are just caught up in the fun of the media and political circles?
CK: I think there are both groups, in both parties. There are true conservatives and true liberals, but then there are those that argue just to “be right” and engage in useless commentary. It takes effort and maturity to dedicate yourself to either ideology, as both require research and poise of presentation. That is why it is important to not judge someone based on whether they have #MAGA or #NotMyPresident in their Twitter bios. Instead, judge them on the content of their arguments and the respect they give to others.

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