the state of being a slave.
“thousands had been sold into slavery”
synonyms: bondageenslavementservitude, thralldom, thrallserfdom, vassalage

“thousands were sold into slavery”

Texas Congressman and Democrat US Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke according to KSAT ABC 12 wants to institute a year of mandatory “year of service” to the federal government. As stated by O’Rourke:

One last idea on this — and I’m trying to find a republican colleague — I may have one and I hope to announce it soon — it will help me introduce this into the Congress this year, and that is a national service bill that would require every young person, no matter how wealthy or how poor, to spend at least a year of their lives in service to this country; in a military unit, conservation core unit, in a medical unit, in a teaching unit — in some way that they’re going to help make this country better and stronger and have to sacrifice together and leave that with a shared understanding of who we are as a people. And no kid is going to be rich enough to buy their way out of it.

According to reporter Mariah Medina:

HR 3140, titled “ACTION for National Service Act,” would give those who complete a “term of full-time national service” an award “equal to twice the amount of tuition for the institution of higher education where the individual is enrolled, not to exceed twice the average in-state tuition.”

What is it called when you don’t own yourself and you have to do what someone says or else you’ll be severely punished? Slavery, Beto O’Rourke literally wants slavery.

Photo credit: By US Congress ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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