What a time to be alive where kiosks take my order at McDonalds, some cars are about to drive themselves, I can tip my waiter in Bitcoin, and I might be able to live forever. The new world vision of transhumanist philosopher and aspiring politician Zoltan Istvan might be coming into your life sooner than later as we discuss the advancements in technology regarding robot labor, artificial intelligence, and universal basic income.

To learn about Zoltan’s campaign for governor of California or check out his book, you can check out his website and grab a copy on Amazon now.

Discover more of Zoltan’s bio at Lions of Liberty.

Click here to find more ways to listen and download the show

You can also watch Zoltan’s appearance on the Rubin Report back when Zoltan was running for president on behalf of the Transhumanist Party in 2016.

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Learn more about liberty from Alex Merced.

-Laugh and learn at the Tim Preuss Podcast.

Photo credit: Zoltan Istvan

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One thought

  1. Interesting. However, my take is he is a liberal democrat in Libertarian clothing. Trans humanism is essentially making robots out of people piece by piece. Yes we have artificial limbs, hearts, and such, but we are more than robots. And to say that Christians will “bend” their view so to love God more, even though he doesn’t believe in God, is ridiculous. He belongs in California. And California belongs……well, never mind.


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