Contrary to popular belief, the show wasn’t always what it is now, a finely tuned machine where good ideas and good times are spent amongst friends. I’ve had some remarkable opportunities I would have never had without the podcast, but what some people assume is that it just happened and it’s just a freaking goldmine of success. Truth is this journey has had some interesting down moments, but moments that didn’t just change the direction of the show but me as an individual. Here are ten things you might not have known about Remso Republic.

10. I Had One Outlet Partner At The Beginning And They Dropped The Show After One Episode

I had literally no money to put into the podcast when we first started, so the idea of buy a website domain and setup was out of the question. I initially pitch the show to a young, hip, libertarian leaning website that was essentially in its hay day before it decided to become a home for folks with a Pinochet obsession and their viewers dropped off a cliff. After airing The Pilot episode which was so bad even my family and girlfriend said I seriously needed to reconsider all this, and some essential fighting over what was to become of the website, the show was dropped and everything seemed like it was dead.

This was a blessing in disguise because if I had stayed with them, I would have destroyed my reputation with mere association, I would have lost artistic control, and I wouldn’t have hustled for advertisers and sponsors enough to expand onto my own website (I primarily put episodes of the show there for organizational purposes) and improve the show quality.

All in all, it was a blessing in disguise.

9. Liberty University Once Banned My Website

I don’t know why, but one night my brother and I attempted to login to our site and a window popped up saying that the site broke the school’s internet user policies, this persisted for several months. We still have no clue to this day why, especially since most of our fanbase began and has maintained a strong presence with the students at Liberty University, where I still go to speak to student groups as an alumni.

8. I’ve Got A Habit Only Introverts Will Understand

Before I record an interview, I limit my social interactions to my family and girlfriend if they are around. For some reason talking to anyone before I have to interview a guest just gives me an intense amount of pressure and anxiousness that throws me off my game. I just have to be in my own thoughts and then when I’m behind a microphone, put on a image of a louder, exaggerative, and more extroverted person in order to be an entertaining host. 100+ episodes and countless other speaking events and guest appearances in, and I still do it.

7. I Was Rejected By Several Radio Stations For “Lack Of Experience” When Applying For Entry Level Internships And Jobs

Before I hit #25 in News and Politics on iTunes trending charts in North America and had thousands of listeners, the podcast was not the biggest or best, but got me some praise and attention from many in the radio industry because they told me I had talent. I applied for a part time job and an internship at several radio stations near campus when I was a student, and even though I understood the business and how to produce a show, I was told I had no real “communications experience.”

When I graduated from school it wasn’t any better either, another excuse I got often was “you’d be great for our Spanish stations,” problem is I don’t speak Spanish.

Silver lining hit once again, podcasting is the future and frankly the radio industry is dying. And the first two radio stations I applied too? Last I checked more people tune into my show than their station on a daily basis…

6. I Couldn’t Afford A Microphone So A Friend Gave Me $50 To Buy A Cheap One

Back to being broke, I didn’t have any expendable money to invest in a decent podcast. I asked, begged, penny pinched and solicited friends and family alike. My friend Kaytee Moyer dropped me $50 out of the blue which was enough to help me buy my first microphone which helped me record the first set of minisodes I did to help get the show syndicated on other sites and platforms. Without that donation I probably would have just given up.

5. I Was Told I Would Fail Not By Haters, But By “Friends” At The Beginning

I expect assholes to be assholes, but I had “friends” of mine talking about how my show was going to fail after a few episodes. Jokes on them now.

4. I Have No Secret Motive Behind “Haunted Republic”

I just wanted to create a show that could distract people from politics and create something people could have a fun time watching. P.T. Barnum once said “the noblest art is that of making others happy.”

3. I Sometimes Ask On Guests For No Other Reason Than I’m Just Really Interested In Learning More About Them

Great ice breaker and opportunity to learn cool things and make new friends.

2. I Overcame My Fear Of Speaking

I was a sports announcer for my high school athletics department for several years, and for a while I wanted to become a professional baseball announcer. My senior year I had an incident in front of a crowd during a volley ball game where I messed up some names and players and parents started booing me. I was so traumatized I developed a fear of public speaking I didn’t overcome until I became a campus coordinator with Students For Liberty. Recording the show and developing my own voice as a host helped me speak in front of thousands in front of a microphone and out in public.

1. It Gave My Brother And I Something We Could Accomplish Together

The show didn’t start on best of terms, and right before we started my family was going through some immense hardship. I had been gone for several years and past politics, I needed help from my brother Ryan. We’ve both had some incredible adventures thanks to the show and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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